Announcing Tom McManus’ New Book!

Tom McManus has been researching and studying the parables of Jesus for some time and God has revealed to him that are actually keys to unlocking understanding of the end times. His book reveals God’s timeline to judgment and reward, answers questions about the kingdom of heaven as well as the difference between the lake of fire and hell. Keys to the Kingdom Found In the Parables answers these questions and more!

How will Jesus judge believers who stand before him at the judgment seat of Christ?
Can a believer who arbors bitterness and guilt or who is a murder or adulterer enter into into heaven?

Jesus has hidden in the parables how he will judge believers and Tom McManus’ book Keys to the Kingdom Found In the Parables will answer many of the questions scholars have struggled with for many years. When we understand God’s ways we can stand with confidence and full assurance and be ready for his coming.

Now available in paperback or e-book at a great price!

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