Tom was born in Boston and is of Irish descent he therefore is Catholic. He is old enough to be one of the last altar boys to have to learn the Mass in Latin. Being Catholic is like being Irish, you’re born into it, it’s your culture, your people, you can’t get it out of you, even if he hasn’t been to Mass in over forty years (barring weddings and funerals).
    As a young child he suffered many a dismal September as he witnessed the Red Sox pennant chances fade like the coyote falling off the cliff. Other than a slight twitch when he sees NY Yankee hats, he has fully recovered. When he was 17 they changed the drinking age from 21 to 18 years old. Years later he would play a role in showing that this clearly was a bad idea and it was changed back to 21.
    Tom moved from West Roxbury (Boston) and bought a run-down triple decker in South Boston with his wife to be Janie. Just before they were married Tom was surprised by God and filled with the Holy Ghost. Although he could tell things were significantly different, it wasn’t until almost a year later that he understood that he had become “born again” , which was ‘new’, since being “born again” wasn’t even in his vocabulary. Tom got involved in a variety of urban ministries and would help co-found Habitat/ Boston.
    Tom and Janie have three children, Honor, Thomas and Will, who bring them great joy. Tom moved to Dorchester(Boston), started a small general contracting company and concentrated on residential renovations. Life was full of church, work, kids and paying the bills.
    The family then moved to Raleigh, NC to be near Janie’s folks and brothers and to get further away from the hustle of ‘the hood’ which was influencing his growing teenagers. Raleigh was like Mayberry in many ways, kinder, slower and warmer. Tom continued to do contracting, flipping some houses and doing church.
    He now spends time visiting his 8 grandchildren making sure they’re getting enough Popbo love.
    Over the past four years Tom and Janie have been living in a 28 foot RV. They downsized purposely to listen and write and to make room for what God was calling them into. The first lesson they learned in such small quarters was to find out who the heck this person is that I have been married to for 40 years and who am I  (a process which is still ongoing.). This minimalism experience has afforded them the time to wrestle to understand how the tender mercies and righteous judgments of God fit together. It has given him time to understand the mysteries of the parables outside the bounds of tradition and established theologies. His effort of deconstructing and rebuilding has felt painfully slow but finally a book on the kingdom has been published.
    They have recently moved their RV to the hills of Saluda, NC where they have purchased some land and are currently building a small house.
    Tom McManus is burning with a word for the Body of Christ to be ready for the Lord’s coming.